What is the Best Length for a Business Name?

Business names should be easy to understand it merely depends on the length of your business name because it has a big impact on how easy your name is to pronounce and remember. You might think of length as just the number of letters in a business name, there is a lot more to it.

Here are some guidelines when it comes to name length:


The Number of Words

The more words the harder it to be for your audience to understand, retain, and tell other people about. There will be less chances to become a word of mouth plus, you are going to use this name on all of your marketing materials and having a name with too many words won’t look good. That’s why most great business names are comprised of one or two words maximum.

Have a look at few examples;




If you want to go for three words, make sure one of those words is a short transition word, and that the transition word would be catchy.


Toys R Us

The Number of Syllables

Syllables plays a key role in business names. The number of syllables your business name has will affect how easy it is for people to pronounce your name and recall it. The lesser it is, the better it is.

One-word names - 4 syllables max.

Two-word names - 4 syllables max for both words.

More than two words - 1 syllable per word

In addition, the actual spelled length and the perceived spoken length should match accordingly. Short business names with many syllables (Ikea), or long but with few syllables (BrightSquirrel) can be hard to recall or spell.


The Number of Characters

Names with a ton of characters are a chore to type in, which makes them less likely to be typed in at more characters your business name has, the harder it will become to read and retain. That’s why you should limit the amount of characters in your business name.

So how many characters is too many?

The answer is, it depends on the type of name you are using:

  • For an invented name, as you are essentially teaching your audience a new word. Aim for a maximum 7 characters for more than that.

Brandio (short, easy to retain) Vs  Brandiazana (long, hard to comprehend and remember).

  • You can have a longer name for keyword name, as people are familiar with them, but limit it to 15 characters max.

newbusiness.com – Okay Vs startingbusinesses.com - Too Long


Visual Symmetry

People don’t only hear or read your name, they also look at it. just like your logo your actual name too must be visually appealing. Having two words with visual symmetry makes it easier to read quickly and to retain.





There are of course expectation to every rule, these are only general guidelines which in general, you want to adhere as closely as possible to these limit.