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Common Questions About Brandsoo

Wondering how Brandsoo works? Have a question on the types of business names we offer? Here you'll find answers to some of the most common questions about Brandsoo, our policies, and the process of purchasing a business name through our site.

Why use Brandsoo to find a business name?

We make it easy to explore thousands of quality, hand-picked and unique business names available for sale as a premium domain name.

Naming isn't easy. You've most likely spent some time thinking about what to name your new venture. The process goes like this: Some creative brainstorming with your colleagues resulting in some great ideas only to find that the domain names are already taken or available for an astronomical price. Undeterred you repeat the process all over again, then again.

The undertaking can go on for a long time and distract you from building your business. Your options are to continue with the frustrating approach, go with high-priced naming agency or make the choice to go with Brandsoo, an established brands store with .com domain available at the fraction of market price.

With many .com names in our store, your chances of finding a name that is just right for your business is high. Combined with the help of our branding specialists and curated categories you'll see why Brandsoo is the smart choice when securing a business name.

We walk you through every step of the process including the domain name transfer to your registrar.

Who are Brandsoo customers?

At Brandsoo we've helped name many businesses. Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we have a soft spot for risk-taking business builders, but our customers have found strong names for many requirements With many sales, we've made a few people happy. Check out our testimonial page to read what our customers thought about naming their business with Brandsoo.

With many sales, we've made a few people happy. Check out our testimonial page to read what our customers thought about naming their business with Brandsoo.

How does Brandsoo curate its names?

At Brandsoo, we are constantly thinking about the various words, sounds, letter combinations and characteristics that contribute most to a good business name. After years of building brands we finally decided to develop a short list of the common characteristics that all good brands seem to have.

We came up with "traits" that make up a good name: Length, Real Word/Expression, Alphabet, Pronunciation, Spelling, Conflicts, Industry Match, Longevity, Uniqueness, and General Retention. We then added an extra category specific to domain names: TLD (Top Level Domain). We only deal in .com domains as these are most memorable and widely used over the internet.

How do I find a name on Brandsoo?

Brandsoo offers a variety of approaches to finding a name on our marketplace. You will find an abundance of names that will surprise and stimulate your creativity as you search and filter your results.

We suggest starting your search with one keyword that is relevant to your business ("music"), or a word that describes the type of name you are looking for ("strong"). Because the majority of the domains on Brandsoo are unique -- and not keyword combinations -- your search results will display names that contain your search term in the description, keywords and possible usage texts, and not necessarily names that contain your search term in the domain itself.

Once you have tried a single search keyword you can add more to widen the search to include more results. Keep your mind open as you search through the names.

What type of names will I find on Brandsoo?

Business naming is both an art and game of chance. In the modern business climate the landscape is cluttered with attention seeking brands betting their success on the nuance of name recognition. Names can be obvious (pets.com), have a relatable meaning (Lyft) or are more esoteric but infer a mood or feeling (Google).

It's said that "the good names", or those very literal names are taken, but are they? Enter brandable names. Think more broadly, consider the long-term evolution of your business. What makes sense today may not be the case next year. Your name should be more encompassing, not tied to a keyword or literal translation of your business.

Many names on Brandsoo are non-keyword names that have no specific meaning. While some names may not have a direct relation to your business or product, they can convey qualities that are important to your company (like strength), or an overall feeling (like youth and fun).

Names that are free from keywords (also known as "vessel" names) become strong brands over time, and offer the flexibility to evolve a business without the restriction of a keyword-based name. If this is uncharted territory for you, test the names you like with colleagues and friends for some guidance.

What do I get when I buy a name from Brandsoo?

When buying a name from Brandsoo you become the new owner of the domain name and that remains listed in your own registrar account as long as the yearly registration is maintained through the registrar. There are no recurring costs from Brandsoo nor do we lease domains. The only payment you make to us is the price you see.

You also receive the example logo that is shown alongside the domain name. It's yours to use if you wish and we send you the original graphics file, usually in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop format, so that you can modify and resize it if needed. If you choose to not use the sample logo, there is no reduction in the total price of the domain.

Does my Brandsoo name come with a trademark?

The names on Brandsoo do not include trademarks or international registration, as that is not possible. In order to apply for a trademark or registration, you're required to specify the business in details including: location, type/industry, and what services the company/product will provide. Since our unique domains can be purchased by anyone for any use, it would not be possible for us to file a trademark in advance.

We recommend that you do some research and/or seek legal advice to ensure that the name you are interested in does not have an existing trademark by a competitor in your industry and within your region. If the name is not trademarked, or has a trademark unrelated to how you plan to use it, then you have a good chance of being able to trademark the name yourself. If there is an existing trademark, keep in mind that, as long as your business is in a different industry, you may still be able to file a trademark for the name.

Brandsoo recommends the following services for online trademark research. These tools are a compliment to, not a replacement for, professional legal advice.

  • US Patent and Trademark Office
  • Trademarkia
  • TMView
How do I buy a name on Brandsoo?

Once you found the perfect name simply select "Buy Now" and proceed to checkout. Our secure shopping cart accepts all major credit cards, and PayPal. The purchase sets in motion a series of communications with Brandsoo to complete the transaction. You'll be instructed every step of the way.

Can I make an offer?

We believe in reducing hassle through upfront pricing. Unlike other domain marketplaces that rarely show a listing price or inflate their prices to start a lengthy negotiation process, Brandsoo have a set bottom line price. A suitable price range is recommended by our staff based on the name's quality and our years of experience selling brandable domain names. If you're looking for a name within a specific budget, we can help, simply reach out.

What happens after I buy a name from Brandsoo?

Once payment has been received and verified, we start the domain transfer process. The transfer can take anywhere between 1-8 days, depending on the registrar where the domain is currently registered and the registrar we're sending it to. Typically, if you choose to use the same registrar where the domain currently resides, the transfer is the quickest since the domain only changes accounts. If you choose a different registrar, there is an ICANN-mandated waiting period of 5-7 days that starts after we have approved the transfer.

Our supported registrars are:

  • GoDaddy
  • NameCheap
  • Dynadot

Since Brandsoo is a domain store and all domain names are owned by us, the transfer time can be very quick compared to other open marketplaces where transfer time can be affected depending on the response time of the seller.

What is Brandsoo's refund policy?

Refunds and exchanges are not allowed once an order has been placed, except in the case where we fail to initiate the domain name transfer within 10 business days from the time of purchase. Buyers are advised to perform all necessary diligence prior to making a purchase.