About Brandsoo

How It All Began

I have been a serial entrepreneur for a while. I would always think of new business ideas and then quickly brainstorm and register a domain name (or two, or three) so that I could launch the venture later. Of course, I had many more names than I had time to build products or start companies! So when our friends started their ventures, I recommended they check out our “bucket" of names. They were excited to find just the right name, which enabled them to get started right away on building their brand. I couldn't have been more thrilled.

And our next thought was: "What if I opened this up to everyone?".

I certainly had the domains, but could I make a brand shopping experience fast, easy and affordable? I had built great brands in the past, but I didn't come from the branding industry. Did I have the types of names people were looking for? Well, I made sure of it by spending months researching what truly makes a domain name brandable. Then I spent even more time going through all our names and classifying them by these criteria so that I could price them according to their brand value, and make them easy to find and visualize.

I launched Brandsoo in 2019 and after our first few sales, I got great feedback from people who told us how easy I made the domain search process for them.

You may or may not know this, but...

Top branding agencies can charge 6- or 7-figures for a brand name (that hopefully comes with a matching .com domain name). And you know what? If your company can afford it, it can be worth it. That's how important a name is. But for everyone else, especially entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping it, I provide a less expensive, and the less time-consuming option for highly brandable names. And truth be told, some of those branding agencies I mentioned search our catalogs for the names they present to clients. Of course, they don't want anyone to know that, but they know a good deal like anyone else.

What excites us most right now is that I have an opportunity to make it possible for more and more people to start their businesses, and launch new products and services. I believe a great brand name should be available to everyone, not just the Fortune 500. One day I'd like to expand our site to be a community for people out there that need to pick a name and promote a brand.

If there's one thing I'd like to leave you with it's this...

Most people struggle for weeks to find a brand. They think of a name, go check if the .com is available, and it's not. They may even try to contact the owner to see if the name is for sale, and if they are lucky to get a response the price is usually outrageous and not based on the current market. They then think of another name, only to repeat the cycle. Meanwhile, the business drags on because everyone is waiting for a name to rally behind, and to use on everything from marketing materials to business cards and bank accounts.

Instead, I suggest...

Start with a list of what you can get. Start with what you know is good. Start by searching Brandsoo. I’m here to help.